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Course I

 ​Becoming your best self personally & professionally.   Self-development leads to professional excellence.

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Theme ~Self Development

SLowDrip professional development leads you on a journey from self- to collegial- to student-focused attention and action. Our philosophy lies in the belief that practicing strategies for self care, awareness and empowerment yields skills and strategies that positively impact yourself and those around you.

Course I ​is designed to inspire you to become your best self.

Ten Topics*~ Start with Self

During this ten weeks, you will be prompted to increase your awareness & discern strategies to benefit your personal and professional growth. The topics range from self-care habits to placing value on the demands of your diverse roles. Becoming your best self includes developing strategies to manage stress, effectively communicate, and promote positive character.

Short, daily lessons gradually lead you to increase your self-awareness. Gentle, clear prompts evoke reflection on each topic. This non-judgemental approach happens at ​your ​natural pace; the ​SLowDrip​ way.

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SLowDrip's Driving Question

“What professional considerations regarding self, collegiality and student outcomes are essential to build positive school culture, climate, and student success?”


Whatever you learn to positively impact your health, well-being and professional confidence will not only benefit yourself, but also empower you to model the same for others.

By sharing the ​SDPD​ experience through personal documentation on your school forum, you will open doors to positive, professional communication while earning professional development credits. In response to some lessons, your natural passion and interest for a given topic will allow for deep reflection. For other lessons, a brief reply will satisfy you.

Additionally, you’re encouraged to share your entries on a common school forum for the sake of developing rich professional dialogue.

Through this​ ​SLowDrip​ a​ pproach to self-growth, you’re invited to contribute to your collegial community, school climate, and educational excellence.

Best of Luck!

Earn PD Credits

Course I ~ Table Of   Contents

Anchor 1

Week One ~ Self - Care Awareness
1-​Becoming Your Best Self 2-​ Priority One: YOU!
3- ​Look In The Mirror
4-​ Leading Presence
5-​ You’re On Your Way!

Week Two ~ Self Care Strategies
6- ​Fueling Your Fight
7- ​Setting Up For Success: ​Sleep, Rest & Movement​ 8- ​What’s On Your Plate?
9- ​Mental Health Matters
10- ​Supporting Your Healthiest Self

Week Three ~ Valuing Your Demanding & Diverse Roles
11- ​Many Hats
12- ​Mad-Hatters
13- ​Classic Hats
14- ​Hand-Me-Down Hats
15- ​Hats For Life, ​College, and Career Readiness​

Week Four ~ Character Matters For Yourself and your Learning Climate
16- ​Character Matters
17- ​Crafting My Positive Character
18- ​Signs Of Positive Character 


20- ​The Impact Of Positive Character

Week Five ~ Developing Empathy To Promote Civility and Acceptance
21- ​Empathy
22- ​Stand In Your Own Shoes!
23- ​Step Into Someone Else’s Shoes! 24- ​Nike, Prada & Sketchers
25- ​Promote Empathy Like It's Your Job!

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Anchor 2

Week Six ~ The Importance & Value of Boundaries
26- ​Why Do We Need Boundaries?
27- ​Where’s Your Line?
28- ​What’s Acceptable or Unacceptable To You? 
29- ​My Boundary Choices Create Positive Shifts 

30- ​Walk The Line

Week Seven ~ The Impact On Our Views Of Change
31- ​Patterns Of Predictability
32- ​Habits: Acknowledging Patterns
33- ​Expectations And Change
34- ​Good Things Grow From Embracing Change 

35- ​Ch-Ch-Ch-Changed

Week Eight ~ Exploring Reactivity vs. Measured Response
36- ​Logic Versus Emotion
37- ​Respond Rather Than React
38- ​Unintended Consequences
39- ​Reasoning, Not Reactivity
40- ​Relishing The Power Of The Pause

Week Nine ~ Essential Communication Skills That Build Positive School Culture
41- ​Achieving Desirable Outcomes
42- ​Intentional And Mindful Word Choice
43- ​Show Up And Read The Room
44- ​Oh, All Powerful Oz
45- ​Intentions, Preparedness & Conversations

Week Ten ~ Strategies To Achieve Balance and Relieve Stress
46- ​Lighten Up
47- ​Balance
48- ​It’s Okay To Admit Your Mistakes
49- ​Stress Management ; Finding Moderation 

50- ​Chill Out


Lesson 5- You're On Your Way!

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​                                                                                                                                       © 2​ 020 Kellogg

 Ponder This: Self-reflection and small steps lead to positive change.

Simmering Thoughts: Refresh Your Perspective

Congratulations, you made it to the end of week one! This week, we encouraged you to put yourself first on your “Take Care Of These Things” list. We explored why self-care and self-reflection matter - because they empower you (through non-judgement) to consider your own part in situations and problems, leading you to discover ways to grow through them. By looking in the mirror and practicing a leading presence consistently, you can affect how your message is received by students, colleagues, and those you’re working so hard to impact.

You’re on your way to refreshing your approach with a new perspective! Remember, the SLowDrip* philosophy is to acknowledge that real, lasting growth takes time. Everything starts with the s​ elf ​and moves outward from there. Be gentle on yourself and, without judgement, take some time to pay closer attention to yourself. How does that feel?

Did you discover anything about yourself or a strategy that could make a positive difference for you? Record your thoughts.​

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