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Course II

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Collegiality  -  Professional collaboration increases effectiveness.

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Theme ~ Professional collaboration increases effectiveness

Welcome to ​Course II​.
SLowDrip professional development inspires personal and professional excellence by guiding you on a journey that began in course one with self and bridges connections to collegiality and student performance.

Course II​ is designed to increase effectiveness as a colleague, team member and positive contributor to your overall school environment.

SLowDrip's Driving Question 

“What professional considerations regarding self, collegiality and student outcomes are essential to build positive school culture, climate, and student success?”


During Course II we remind you to continue taking a non-judgemental approach for growth to happen at your personalized, natural pace. By being true to your own personality, learning style and role, you will simultaneously increase empathy and respect for the same in your colleagues and students.

Development of professional communication, networking and collegiality models the skills necessary to empower students for future success.

Ten Topics* ~ Collegiality 

During this ten weeks you will be prompted to increase awareness & discern strategies that will benefit your school’s atmosphere of collegiality. The topics range from identifying personal strengths, to intention, attitudes, & strategies that explore the power of networking and encourage effective team work.

Earn PD Credits

By now, you have become accustomed to weekly documentations on your school’s forum to earn PD credits. Remember that it’s ok to invest more or less time in your documented contributions to match that which is important to you. You can still earn the maximum amount of PD credits while fully respecting the eb and flow of your choices.

The transmission and exchange of ideas is essential to create a climate postured to collectively serve students to be college,career and life ready. If your school has adopted an open forum, we commend this as an effective way to promote practices of professional transparency and collegiality.

However you choose to proceed, may you positively contribute to your collegial community, school climate and effectiveness in modeling excellence.

Best of Luck!

Course II ~ Table Of   Contents

Week Eleven ~ Collegiality increases

51-​There Is No One Size Fits All!
52- ​You Are Unique, Too!
53- ​What’s Within Your Power To Change?

54- ​Sharing Our Unique Gifts
55- ​Share The Wealth!

Week Twelve ~ Expanding your comfort zone
56- ​Stretch And Grow
57- ​Seek Discomfort
58- ​Comfort Seekers
59- ​Get Ready; Here Comes A Challenge! 

60- ​Fear, Fear, Fear!

Week Thirteen ~ Professional Communication
61- ​Criticism Is Not Critique
62- ​Critique Is A Gift
63- ​What Lens Are You Looking Through? 

64- ​Change The Lens
65- ​One Step


Week Fourteen ~ Building authentic support and communication
66- ​Name it!
67​- Intentions Behind Words 

68-​ Sticks & Stones & Silence 

69-​ Courage & Transparency 

70​- Practice What You Preach

Week Fifteen ~ Your vibes influence others
71-​ Encourage Curiosity & Creativity 

72​- Debbie Downer
7​3-​ Unconsciously Stifling Creativity

7​4​- Aim High!
75-​ What If?

Take Away Coffee



Week Sixteen ~ Identifying and sharing

your own strengths
76- ​Identify Your Strengths 

77- ​Designed For It
78​- Designed To Share
79​- Designed To Inspire
80​- Designed To Work Together

Week Seventeen ~ Boundaries are essential
81- ​Ground Rules
82- ​Get Grounded First
83- ​Preparing For A Successful Flight! 

84- ​Take Off With Teams!
85- ​How High Can You Fly?

Week Eighteen ~ Why collaborate
86- ​Connect And Collaborate
87- ​With A Little Help From My Friends
88- ​To Collaborate Or Not Collaborate

90- ​An Invitation To Collaboration

Week Nineteen ~ Journeys: yours & mine
91- ​You Are Where You Are
92- ​Take Stock Of Your Achievements 

93- ​The Grass Is Not Always Greener 

94- ​My Perception Of Reality
95- ​You Are Not Alone!

Week Twenty ~ Skill sets; abilities and talents
96- ​Celebrate Diversity! 

97-​ Humbly Myself
98- ​Famously Different! 

99- ​Birds Of A Feather! 

100- ​Beautiful Melting Pot

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Lesson 55- Share The Wealth

                                                                                                   © ​2020​ Shevalier 

Ponder This: Appreciate personal talents & value others’. Simmering Thoughts: Collective Skills = Multiplied Benefits

We are all unique and bring special talents and skills to the collective table. Take some time to appreciate your own gifts and recognize those of others.

What are your top two ideas from this week (and are already within your power to contribute) that you feel will honor utilizing your talents and expertise to benefit your colleagues, students or school?

We have reflected on how to utilize our unique skill sets and talents to maximize our effectiveness. Today, think of how you can share your skills and talents with the intent to empower your colleagues.

The SLow Drip way is to first consider what works best for you, establish your ground rules and boundaries, break it down one step at a time, and offer it in a way that is mutually effective.

So how do you initiate collaboration? Name your skill, talent, or natural strengths. Include how and when you’re willing to share. Communicate your intentions within your professional circle. Let it evolve naturally, without attachment to any particular outcomes.

A gentle reminder: it’s not bragging when you share your skills as a means to benefit your colleagues. You should feel proud of your willingness and good intentions to offer positive contributions. ​

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